We are happy to announce this year's collaboration partners - AUG: Arkitekter Uten Grenser (Architecture Without Borders) and Eco Moyo Education Center!

Architecture Without Borders is a humanitarian organization that aims to improve the quality of life in the areas of education, housing, and health through architecture. To gain lasting effects they wish to focus on projects with a long-term perspective helping to preserve and promote local history, culture, and natural resources together with the local communities. After the competition, AUG will help us realize the chosen entry. You can learn more about AUG on their website www.augnorge.org or by visiting their Instagram @augnorge.

Eco Moyo Education Centre is a Norwegian and Kenyan charity project. By engaging an international network of friends, family, volunteers, and donors, they are building a school in rural Kenya, offering free primary education to children from Dzunguni village. Eco is short for Ecology (the scientific study of interactions among organisms and their environment). Moyo means heart in Swahili. The name Eco Moyo, therefore, refers to showing love for our environment. To learn more about Eco Moyo and their project, visit their website www.ecomoyo.com or Instagram @ecomoyo.

We are so excited about this year's collaboration and task. It´s less than three weeks until the release of the 120 HOURS 2021 competition - stay tuned!

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