The first prize of 120 Hours 2020 goes to "Faith No More" by Louis Gervais, Guðni Brynjólfur Ásgeirsson and Eirik Mikael Skogli from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. Congratulations!

"The Sand Pavilion" made the second prize, done by Quentin Trey, Elma Orveau and Lucas Kolodziejczyk from École nationale supérieure de Paris Bordeaux, France. The third prize is split, and goes to both "Fossilia" by Mykhailo Zhuk, Daniil Chechin and Mariia Samahala from the Technical Univeristy Vienna, Austria, and "For oil you are, and to oil you shall return" by Lauge Floris Larsen from the Royal Danish Academy Copenhagen, Denmark.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you all for the great entries for this years 120 Hours competition!

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