Gro Bonesmo

Architect, Head of Jury
Founding Partner of Spacegroup Architects, Professor at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Gro Bonesmo is an architect based in Oslo. She is founder of Oslo-based architectural firm Space Group, and a professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She was awarded a Masters of Advanced Architectural Design from the School of Architecture, Columbia University, and is a graduate of the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim. She also studied at the SCI-Arc in Lugano Switzerland and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She has taught at the Oslo School of Architecture since 1999, and at Columbia and Harvard Universities and the Royal Danish Academy of Copenhagen. In the period of 1990-1998 she collaborated with Rem Koolhaas and OMA where she was a Project Architect on projects such as the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, The Dutch House, Bordeaux Villa, Jussieu Library, IIT Chicago and more.

She founded Space Group in 2000 toghether with former OMA colleagues Adam Kurdahl and Gary Bates. Space Group is an internationally experienced architecture office working all over the world, with offices in Oslo, São Paulo and New York CIty. Their favorite assignments are complex and challenging projects, where they can use their analytic skills and broad collective intelligence to solve ‘the impossible’. The goal of the office is to always to empower their clients and enhance their businesses through the intelligent projects they create for them.

Gro's position as a leading figure in the Norwegian architecure scene made her perfect for the leader of the very first 120 HOURS jury.

Magne Magler Wiggen

Founding Partner of MMW Arkitekter, Professor at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Born 16th. Oct. 1965 and raised in Oslo. Educated as carpenter before imatriculated at Oslo School of Architecture. An inspirational stay in North and South America was an important part of his education, before he recieved his diploma in 1993.

Magne worked with Bernard Tchumi in New York and Niels Torp in Oslo, before establishing mmw architect in 1997. He is a visiting Professor in Advanced Architectural Design at The Oslo School of Architecture & Design, lecturer and external examiner at several architecture- and art schools both in Norway and abroad and board member of the Norwegian Concrete Association.

Magne is about 2 meters tall bare feet in thick socks, has visitted 41 counties on 4 continents, and has a chronic allergy to fur-bearing animals.

Magne is brilliant. He keeps an inexhaustible level of energy and good mood, while still conducting a very critical and determined mind. His expertise in temporary structures in urban squares and his famliarity with the 2011 site made him a perfect jury member.

Johanne Borthne

Architect and Urban Designer
Founding Partner of Superunion Architects
Johanne is one of rising stars of Norwegian and Scandinavian architecture. She is an Architect M.Arch, studied architecture and urbanism at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.

After graduating fall 2006, she was teaching an urbanism studio at AHO in addition to working as a project leader for Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter in Oslo. In 2008 she moved to Rotterdam to work for Powerhouse Company, where she was a project leader for several international projects and competitions, from private villas to masterplans.

In fall 2010 she and her partner Vilhelm Christensen founded Superunion Architects. Superunion is an office focusing on architectural production in a contemporary metropolitan and cultural context. The office have had commissions in various scales including urban planning, public space, programming, studies, housing, interior and graphic design. Additionally, the office is engaged in exhibitions, competitions and teaching.

In 2011 Superunion Architects won the open competition to redesign Asker Square, and in 2012 the office won the competition for Ruten in Sandnes in collaboration with Space Group. The office was in 2012 nominated for Norsk Form's Prize for Young Architects and the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize. They are acknowledged as one of the most important young offices in Norway.

Johanne's intense love and passion for the profession and her relatively recent conjunction with architectural education fits perfectly with the 120 HOURS jury philosophy.

Bård Breivik

Artist and Sculptor
Bård Breivik is a Norwegian artist and sculptor. He is considered a pioneer in concrete objects as sculpture. He graduated from Bergen Crafts School (1967-1970) and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London (1970-1971).

Breivik is one of Norway's international and most prominent visual artists. He is has a deep concern for handcrafts and have over the years and after several trips around the world, studied and used various craft techniques in his works. He have had approx. 70 exhibitions worldwide . His work has been acquired by museums and collections in Scandinavia, Western Europe and North America. He has conducted numerous public and private commissions. An example of his major works in the public sphere are the pillars on Torgallmenningen in Bergen.

He has been a professor of sculpture at the Art Academy in Stockholm from 1982 to 1985. He lives and works in Oslo, Sibbhult in Sweden, Beijing and Xiamen in China. He received the Ingeborg and Per Palle Storm Honorary Award in 2009 and the Anders Jahre Culture Prize in 2011.

Since the first edition of 120 HOURS was conceived as an exploration of the indistinct intersection point between art and architecture, we wanted to have an artist as member of the jury. Because of Bård Breivik's attention to the public sphere, and his position as one of Norway's leading artists, he was a natural choice.

Morten Celius

Student Representative
Stud.B.Arch. The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Morten has the honor of calling himself the very first Student Representative of the 120 HOURS jury. At the time of the jury in 2011, he was completing his B.Arch. at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). He graduated as M.Arch. from AHO in 2013.

Morten has followed an urge to become an architect since he was in elementary school, even before he knew quite what that implied. Have always enjoyed problem solving, either by methodical, mathematical or creative approaches.

Morten is a smart guy, and a good man for the very first 120 HOURS jury.