Q: I am not a Norwegian student. Can I still compete?
A: Yes, students from all over the world are eligible to compete in 120 HOURS.

Q: I just graduated from architecture studies, but I have not gotten a job yet. Can I still participate in the competition?
A: No, the competition is ONLY for active students.

Q: I have taken a year off to be an intern at an office. I am going back to school next year. Can I still compete in 120 HOURS?
A: Yes, you are still a student in our eyes and you can compete in 120HOURS. [See our Terms and conditions pt. 7.1 for more details on this]

Q: I just finished my bachelor degree, and I am going to change school for my master. Can I compete in 120 HOURS even though I am not currently enrolled in a new school?
A: Yes, as long as you are going to continue school, and you are a student you can compete. If you are no longer a student, and you have finished school, you are not eligible to compete.

Q: I study art, can I still compete?
A: If you think you have what it takes, why not? We like all types of students. How funny wouldn’t it be if a math major beat us at our own game?

Q: I’m a high school student, can I compete?
A: Yes, we invite all kinds of students to participate in 120 HOURS.


Q: How do I sign up for 120 HOURS?

A: Registration happens via Submittable. Go to SIGN UP for more details.

Q: How many students can be a part of the team?
A: Three is the magic number. Four or more is not cool!

Q: Can students from different schools compete on the same team?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: What do you mean by school certificate?
A: In order to register you have to upload a valid proof of enrollment to an educational institution. Simply take a photo or screenshot of your current and valid student ID, and you’re good!

Q: I've lost my student ID. How do I verify myself as a student?

A: Ask your administration for temporary verification!

Q: I am unable to upload my student ID. What do I do?

A: Try a different browser, and make sure you are using an accepted file format (PDF, JPG/JPEG or PNG). If you are experiencing technical issues, Submittable can assist you.

Q: I signed up with a friend, but we want to add an extra person to the team. What do we do?
A: Once your Submittable team is open for editing, you can add or remove any team members you want!

Q: Can I participate as part of a team, and individually?
A: Yes, but make sure that the proposals you deliver are clearly different.

Q: When is the registration deadline?
A: The registration deadline is the same as the submission deadline. We highly recommend you to register as soon as possible, though!

Q: Is there an entry fee?
A: No. But you are free to donate to help us develop the 120 concept even further.

Q: I am experiencing technical issues on Submittable. Help!

A: Submittable is here to assist you!


Q: It’s 2 o’clock on the competition day, yet the assignment hasn’t been released. Why is that?
A: We release the assignment 14:00 UTC+2. If you are in a different timezone, you must take into account how many hours ahead or behind you are.

Q: Can I do the competition free hand?
A: If free hand is your thing, go for it. Just keep in mind that you have to send in your proposal digitally.

Q: Is 120 HOURS held at a certain location or are all submissions done online?
A: All submissions are done online. You can do your work wherever you like.

Q: It isn’t 2 o’clock yet, but the upload has closed and I can’t hand in my proposal. What do I do?
A: Upload closes 14:00 UTC+2 (the local timezone in Norway). If you are in a different timezone, calculate how many hours ahead or behind Norway you are. If the upload has closed, you are too late.

Q: I am experiencing technical issues on Submittable. Help!

A: Submittable is here to assist you!

Q: When do you announce the winners?
A: We will announce the winners within 14 days after jury reviews. Jury reviews are typically held 2-3 weeks after the competition deadline.

Q: What are the rewards?
A: First place: NOK 30 000  –  Second place: NOK 15 000  –  Third place: NOK 7500

Q: Can you issue certificates for participating in 120 HOURS?

A: We can issue certificates to winners and honorable mentions. You are of course free to add your entry to your portfolio or resume, and use the published entry on our website as proof of participation.

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