Winner of 120 HOURS 2014 to be built at Øya 2015

The winner of last years competition will built at this years Øya festival by the relocatable buildings manufacturer OBWiik and the engineering and design company Hjellnes Consult.

A staggering 610 submissions from 83 countries competed to win the jury’s favor when Øya and 120HOURS came together to find ideas for the new festival area in Tøyenparken. By comparison, 88 countries participated in the Sochi Olympics the same year. In the end, architecture students Antariksh Tandon and Jennifer Tu Anh Phan from the University of Waterloo in Canada won first place with their contribution “Architecture”. And now it will be built!

It was fantastic to see so many architecture students wanting to help make the new festival site at Tøyen even better. The jury, which had to go through an arduous process of evaluating all the proposals, was put together by highly acclaimed architects from leading firms and institutions as well as representatives from the festival.

With a little help from our friends
We are incredibly happy that OBWiik and Hjellnes Consult have agreed to realize and build this construction in cooperation with Øya and 120HOURS. Not only will it be a great addition to the festival area, but it also proves that 120HOURS is a viable competition format, not only for conceptual solutions.

OBWiik and Hjellnes Consult have worked with the festival for several years. To build an architect designed installation at Øya is a demanding process in which location, safety, function and aesthetics must be carefully planned. It is therefore particularly exciting that these two companies with their expertise, have taken on the challenge of building the winning project. Without these two 120 at Øya would not have been possible at all.

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