Out with the old, in with the new!

Welcome to the brand new website for 120 HOURS, – the world’s leading architecture competition, created for and by architecture students.

After many months of planning, designing, coding, tweaking and writing, we believe that we have created a platform that has the capacity to evolve with our ambitions for this competition. We hope that you will enjoy the new design and the more user friendly experience. However, if you feel something is missing on the site, or if you just want to send us a photo of your dog, we would love to hear from you via email or on Facebook.

This website is only the first of many new and exciting additions that will be presented in 2014. Soon we will also be introducing 120 TALKS, a series of filmed lectures on highly topical issues, held by some of the leading names in architecture. Stay tuned for more information!

As you can see in our About section the team behind 120 HOURS has grown somewhat since last years competition. We are now 17 highly devoted team members. Most of us are architecture students, some of us have other backgrounds, but everyone brings their own unique set of skills and knowledge to the competition.

120 HOURS will continue to be an independent competition organized on a non-profit, voluntary basis without the involvement of a school administration. The competition aims to give students across the globe a voice in the current architectural discourse. Our goal is that the competition always will be challenging and fun to participate in, and that it will give students a relevant first encounter with architectural competitions. In short, we aim to give deserving young talents a head start at the game.

As of 2014, 120 HOURS has become the world’s largest and most prestigious student-driven architecture competition, created for and by architecture students. With some of the worlds most renowned architects as jury members…

…and this is just the beginning.